Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Every week I will be putting up a blog concerning my life and some of the things that float around in my head. I've been more accustomed to blogging on Mypace or Facebook and I have to say that the last time I blogged was literally 2 months ago.

Today was of an interesting caliber. Right after designing my first website, I could not predict that I would end the night singing Bush's Glycerine in front of a room full of college drunks. What came of it? I lost 4 bucks and I gained some fanbase. Apparently my rendition of Bush's Glycerine was moderately captivating. Although I think I could have done better. I agree with my best friend George when he critiqued me. "This performance" he told me, "did not have good vocals but you did play well."

On the side of the news, I haven't caught up with my history. I've gone through a relationship and a break up within 3 weeks of trying my best to be the good man that I am. I guess sometimes the heart is rotten and left with emotional attachements as is the case with her. No longer should I date women with post-break up syndrome.

Recently I've been encouraged to do P90X at my house whenever I have break time to afford. Honestly, I fiind it a bit out of my syncronistic lifestyle in which I work all the time and play equally the same. I'm going to have to sacrifice my play time again. Hah!

Also, on a deeper note, I've been contending with my inner self. It's been a few months since I've made it a regular practice to meditate in silence. There's always a deadline and an agenda to follow so I have to balance that out to make things work out for me. But back to my deep thought. Yes I've looked inside myself and found that I am asking the best questions again. I've realized that when I do some internal dialoage I tend to inform my non-mature self to grow up out of the anxiety-driven factors of everyday life. 

For example, I contemplated why I would ask a girl if she has a boyfriend or not. It might be a silly question for you, but I think its an inappropriate question ... however I've discovered recently that most women will not often care about what you ask them.

Sure if you ask a woman if she has a boyfriend she's going to figure that you're interested in her. But its fine ... the best way to live life is to not care about what other people think when you try something out for the first time. I have yet to ask a randomly targeted girl whether she has a boyfriend or not. But I believe it's about time.

Plus I think there's a more indirect way of asking that question that lends more respect and intrigue to the conversation rather than lust and desperation. Ask her, "Are you single?" Its quick, and its direct ... but it also does not communicate your intentions ... its more of a generic question that you would ask someone if you asked, "Where were you born?"

My problem is that I would be inclined to feel like I'm intruding in her private life ... or sex-life for that matter. But not anymore. I'm going to ask a pretty girl next time if she's single. Then if she says, "Yes why?" I'll say, "interesting ... you don't look like it" or something like, "because you're a fairly decent looking girl ... and for you to be alone would mean that you have problems with guys, what aren't you telling me?" And say that with a straight face, it'll kill them because I've already established that I don't want them for me. I won't even mention that I'm single ... I just want that question to rest in their heads for a long time ... And that's how the cookie crumbles.

In conclusion (the words we used to end our essays in the 5th grade) I will write more to elaborate myself. In the meantime ... go on youtube and enlighten yourself. :)

Sincerily yours,

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