Sunday, March 21, 2010

Love is ...


As many Buddhists would say "love is an idea." It is something we attribute to many human interactions and in spite of all the trouble it may cause, love still tends to conquer all. What do we mean when we say that we love someone, or that we have love for mankind? Or that God loves us? Or that we love our neighbor? Are there different types of love? Is love the end? Can love conquer over death? Is the meaning of live to love all and to forgive many? All these speculations flow through my mind when I contemplate relationships. now the subject of today's blog would not be something I've pondered for too short a time. It goes through my mind every single day of waking life.

There are problems when I consider the concept of love to be something eternal. As many things have been described in my previous blogs and entries I have considered that all things that exist must come to an end. On many occasions I've parroted this personal opinion to people and they conclude that I have a morbid view of life.

Why should things end? Wouldn't that just be bland and tasteless? That we have nothing to look forward to for eternity? Where is life's insurance policy? Aren't we rewarded something after all our worries, sins and deposits of stress in life's emotional bank account? Where is that pension at the end of this tunnel of darkness? And so love has to be that very thing! Right? Why can't we be gifted with love. Praised and showered with such raw emotion that humans are tenderly desiring for?

So I'm here to tell you that there is a truth to this and there is a reason why I have that idea of the longevity of love.

... There is an end, and we must accept it at all costs.

Designing god is a process we all go through in life; making a personification of all our lost emotions we require to survive. The Bible says in 1 John 4:8 that "God is love". I described in my previous blog about "God" as an atheist, I would like to add that "god is everything and is nothing"; that is the very conception of our mind in which we personify based on our own preferences. Almost as if we are running our own unique software in our mind. Just like all concepts, love is just another conception. A conception of how things should be. It could be quite quaint and poetic when anyone attempts to describe love with their first two words "love is ..." and that whatever follows harbors a profound and philosophically motivating conclusion. But is it really?

My take on it is that Everything is Love and Love is Everything ... and that's a good start.

This blog is not going to touch on the depths of relationships. I can only say what reality truly is. I have said that everything has an end, and love is everything. And since love is everything, love has an end as well. The universe will always be something mysterious. To find further truth in a concept we create is truly something unattainable. You cannot solve a puzzle with an open-ended question and expect to find one absolute answer. In the clutter that is the universe, the randomness of all, the unification of all understanding ... is only conceptual. To love is to know everything ... and yet we can't.

While standing here on earth, loving is an important process. If one were to idolize it, give it a name and a Facebook profile ... it's status will always read "I am".

Where is he going with this?
Is Vince high again?
Can this mean anything in my life?
Why am I wasting my time reading about how love is nothing?
Fuck this guy, he's depressing!

I'm going to wrap up this last point in the form of logic. Even your enemy is considered part of "everything". Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend is love. Your next door neighbor is love. Your mailman with the tight shorts is love. Your dog is love. You are love!

This realization is how I walk in life. Knowing that everything is love, love is everything, and everything has an end. This is not morbid, this can only be true. With this thought in my mind, my awareness of my mortality is more vivid, real; my appreciation for the temporariness of life is so close for me to taste. With such a perspective on this one reality will allow me to love all who are part of this "everything" that will soon end.

And I will repeat again, we must accept this at all costs. Because if we don't, then our minds will drift from the importance of meditating on love.

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